Back on the Chain Gang. Or Horse. Whatever.

The only thing I ever really wanted to do was be a writer. I came up with jobs I could have to make money until my career as the newest luminary in literary fiction took off.

I allowed life to derail me. I allowed an incredibly negative experience in my first round of graduate school to discourage me, and the doubt seeped in afterward. The confidence I’d had up to that point drained away, and I became afraid. I lost belief in myself. I stopped trying.

A very dear friend knows of my desire, my longing, to become what I could be. She also wants to work on her own craft. With this in mind, she contacted me, and she and I have made a pact to get back into writing.

I have a journal I write in every day, but it’s for my personal ramblings, rants, etc. This blog will serve as my window to the world, and vice versa.

I can’t be afraid anymore of what others will think of me. I can’t be afraid of failure. It’s never too late to become who you’re meant to be.

Like the beginning of the Orbital song says: it’s better to regret the things you have done, than the things you haven’t done.